The School Of Life

The School of Life is a global organisation dedicated to developing emotional intelligence.

What is a Prompt Card?
Prompt cards are beautifully designed cards, each with a short idea, suggestion, or activity to help you focus and refocus on important ideas and emotions. 

Prompt cards are useful because of a key fact about human beings: we forget important things. At the humblest level, the shopping list had to be invented because we have a tendency to overlook half the requirements of the larder when at the store. We likewise forget a great many pieces of emotional wisdom that are in our minds in theory, but that we overlook in practice. The wise, consoling, encouraging, or cautionary words are simply not there when we need them.
That’s where our sets of prompt cards are designed to help. They might prompt you to be little more calm, kind, or confident day to day. With short amusing aphorisms or suggested activities they might help you get to know yourself better or to think more about the right career for you. Prompt cards serve as tangible reminders of the ideas and actions that need to bring to life in our daily lives.