The Clean Treats Factory

We're all about keeping it real. Real treats made by real people with a real goal to change how you feel inside and out. Clean Treats is about the PHYSIOLOGICAL change that occurs when you choose real food. Its an act of SELF LOVE when choose Clean Treats.

Free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and nasty preservatives, they are the best kind of indulgence - guilt-free and regret-free.

Whether you choose to fall in love at first bite with #charliesballs, or simply soak and scrub to your heart’s content with one of our lux body treatments you’re putting numero uno first, and we applaud you! 
Self love is where its all at!

You can find our treats & infamous #balls at some of Australia’s healthiest cafes, franchises, fitness centres and homes. 

Clean Treats Story

Clean Treats was created by Charlie de Haas; dreamer, believer, yoga-lover, fitness fanatic and self-love guru. Her passion? To be the healthy change in the world. Because you are what you treat yourself with respect & consciously choose the appropriate food.

Charlie’s a firm believer in finding and maintaining balance through a balanced lifestyle, balanced diet and the sweet, sweet reward of a well-timed treat.

Follow Charlie's journey on Insta @charliedehaas

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