KOJA is a health food company creating authentically healthy breakfast and snack products. All our products are gluten free, vegan and made in Melbourne. 

In a perfect world we would always eat a balanced diet but in reality, we're busy and sometimes we don't make the healthiest choices. 

Kate Johansson created KOJA's range of breakfast & snack products as a simple way to increase your vitamin & mineral intake, improve digestion, bowel health and to help reduce inflammation in the body. The slow releasing energy, protein and healthy fats will keep you full and sustained for hours. 

Every blend of KOJA Toppers contains over 25 vitamins, minerals & antioxidants: 100% real food to make you feel better! Even our new Protein Pancake blends contain over 25 vitamins & minerals - plus 15g of plant-based protein per serve. 

100% real food to help you feel better!