Jazminbell® is all about changing the conventions of traditional "wheat bags" and giving it modern look, style, function, and appeal.  Handmade in Canberra since 2012, the brand features a collection of cold/heat packs filled with quality Australian grown rice grains in unique cotton fabrics.

 Jazminbell® products are designed to make you smile and feel great!

The jazminbell® brand was founded by Jasmin Owen after graduating from the Australian National University.  Inspired by bright, colourful and functional design the collection has grown from the Mini Cold/Heat Pack Sets into over 11 different cold/heat pack solutions.  Jazminbell® products have quickly captured interest within the marketplace, not only because they are a great product, but because they are highly unique.  The brand has been featured in national magazines such as Woman's Day, Yours and TV Week!

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