Auric Alchemy

"My name is Madeline and I am the creator of Auric Alchemy and this is my story...
For several years I suffered with anxiety. I tried many traditional remedies (medications) to help me find some peace of mind.  After 12 months, I felt a wake up call to explore natural remedies that would be more sustainable. I decided to detox my body of all medications (including the pill!) and began a journey of exploring alternative therapies such as kinesiology, acupuncture, naturopathy and meditation. I also made some more balanced nutritional choices such as eliminating all stimulants like tea, coffee and alcohol. 
On this journey I was introduced to essential oils. I fell in love with their incredible benefits, especially lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang, which are known to be soothing and very comforting during times of stress or insomnia. I placed lavender oil on my temples and pillow every day and was amazed by its effects.
During this time I was living in Bondi, where I was also introduced to Crystal Therapy while chatting to a lady at the Bondi Markets. I took home a beautiful piece of amethyst. At the time I was struggling to sleep and often felt really restless during the night. I placed the amethyst under my pillow and within a couple of days I was sleeping more deeply and just felt an overall sense of inner calm. Some call it a coincidence or the placebo effect but not me! 4 years later and this piece still lays under my pillow every night (and is the key ingredient in our 'Dream' blend) alongside lavender and other calmative scents.
I am still using all of these natural and empowering remedies to maintain a balanced mind, body and soul. 
My vision is to encourage as many people as possible to embrace the remedies that are all around us within nature. They are beautiful and simple to incorporate into your daily routine and don't harm your body or the planet."
*We do not advise replacing current medications for any conditions with this product. Simply add into your daily routine and enjoy!

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