PUK is a Sydney based online business that loves nothing more than making people smile. Delivering love and kindness one box at a time. Not only are we an online store focusing on supplying you with health & wellness goodies but we're also a gift delivery service. We want to help you spoil someone in your life. Whether it's because you miss them or because their having a rough week. Random acts of kindness can change someones life more than you may realise. Sending a card or a gift is a reminder that you care about them. And giving feels amazing.

Whatever the reason we're here to help make it easier. We'll save you the time running around collecting everything then heading to the Post Office. We will send out your customised gift box, card or product directly to them on your behalf. Just select what you want to send, fill out the deets and we'll do the rest.

Pop Up Kindness believes in random acts of kindness. We want to help you send people gifts, for just being them.

Have you ever sent a gift just.. because?

Sure, we give gifts at Christmas and on birthdays, but how about those other days? You know... Those days when you think about your friends and remember how bloody fantastic they all are? Those days when a loved one is having a rough time, but you can't get to them to give them a cuddle? Or maybe one of your friends is an inspiration and just doesn't know it...



Perfect for any reason or season. We're here to help keep things thoughtful. We curate the best products so you can create the most personal gifts. We take your masterpiece, pack it to perfection, and send it straight to their doorstep (or office). They love it — and you!



‘Be yourself’ said Oscar Wilde. ‘Everyone else is already taken.’

You're spectacular and SELF care is just as important as being kind to others.  

Here is a collection of goodies that I love and use to help with my self kindness. 

Treat Yourself